Thursday, September 18, 2008

Class Favorite by Taylor Morris

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It all started three days after I officially became a woman -- the message of mass destruction arrived. It was February 14, to be exact. Happy Valentine's Day.

Sara Thurman has never considered herself part of the popular crowd - she's got her best friend Arlene and that seems like enough. But when Sara's mom sends a special Valentine's Day delivery (PERIOD FLOWERS!) to her class, all of a sudden Sara is very famous - only for a horribly embarrassing reason! It seems everyone at Bowie Junior High knows something about Sara that she'd rather keep to herself and the harder Sara tries to blend in the more she ends up sticking out.

Not only that, but it suddenly seems that Arlene doesn't have time for her anymore, and she has an unbearable crush on Jason who doesn't have any idea who she is (until now, that is). Worst of all, nothing's felt the same since Sara's dad left home. It all has Sara wondering if things will ever return to normal -- especially if she can't even remember what normal feels like. Sara can't figure out why it seems that everyone else has it easier than she does - would things be better if she were popular? Sara decides that if she can't beat 'em then she'll join 'em -- and she hatches a top secret mission to become....Class Favorite.


This is not a YA book. -gasp- It's more Middle Grade. I don't read MG very often if at all. Mostly because what I've read I've not liked. But I did like this and may just have to find some of MG to read soon. It was a really light read, which was exactly what I needed after a day at school. Reading this really just got my mind to stop thinking to hard and laugh at the bad thing after bad thing that happened to Sara.

Better than it's light-ness though was the fact that I could relate to the characters so well, especially Sara. There were points where I was just shaking my head and thinking "Ugh, I know how that feels." and then I'd take a trip down memory lane and be distracted for a minute, comparing my experiences to Sara's. Taylor Morris really wrote the mom-Sara and Elisabeth- Sara relationships well. Her overprotective mom just doesn't get why getting the period flowers was so embarassing and Elisabeth got her sister in trouble. The reactions and emotions were captured really well and some of them mirrored reactions that I've had in the past. Taylor Morris must have the mind of a young teenager or secretly be a young teenager, because she sure wrote all her characters realistically and perfectly. Sara especially, with her overdramatization of the events she experienced and thoughts.

I do have one issue with the book: I thought the ending was incredibly cheesy and perfect. I usually think a lot of things are cheesy, but the ending here was a little too cheesy for my liking. It's not a big issue though, since I still enjoyed the book. The ending just fell a little short for me, but I've never been one for perfect endings. Some people like them, but I just don't. Still a good book though.



  1. Thank you for such a nice review! I LOVE hearing what people think of my books--it's very much appreciated. Oh, and having people read my books. Also very much appreciated. :)

  2. Great review- I just started this book last night and am really enjoying it so far.

    Btw, if you ever need some MG recommendations, let me know. :)