Friday, April 24, 2009

About Me/The Blog

*The latest version of this post was written on January 24, 2010.

First off, a little about yours truly:

- KHY IS NOT MY REAL NAME. I've noticed people either think it's my real name, they're not sure if it is, or they're surprised if they find out it is not my real name. So let's get this straight: Khy is not my real name. Now you have to reason to be surprised. But you can CALL me that. You're SUPPOSED to. So no need for the "Hi Khy, I know that's not your real name." emails, please? xD

- People often wonder why I use a pseudonym. I use one because I like them.

- People also wonder where the heck I came up with Khy/Khyrinthia. It was the name of one of my neopets. Don't judge.

- I'm a high school sophmore, but a young sophomore.

- I enjoy books quite a lot. Obviously.

- I also enjoy writing. Both writing reviews/blogging, and stories. Though I do hate writing essays and other various school things.

- I'm pretty sure I enjoy musicals more than the average person should.

- I live in a place that allows me to go to more book events than most of my blogging friends. I enjoy book events a lot. I try to go to many, but since I'm too young to drive, I have to ask my mom to take me. She usually does because she's awesome.

- I kind of fail at coming up with creative things. Example: my blog name.

- I think David Levithan is amazing. End of story.

- My favorite shows are Skins, Misfits, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, and Glee even though it's a crap show. But my ALL TIME FAVORITE at the moment is Friday Night Lights.

- I think I've talked about myself too much. On to the about the blog stuff:

About the blog/reviewing/other stuff only authors/publishers will probably find useful

- The blog was created one night when I was extremely bored. Not a very exciting story.

- Stats: There's a follower widget in the top right of the blog, but that is only public followers, not people who are subscribed in only a reader. I usually get anywhere from 160-270 unique hits a day, but usually it's around 210.

- Reviewing: I like reviewing books. It is enjoyable. If you want me to review your book, here's some info for you:
  • I pretty much read anything that is YA. I tend to like historical fiction and more realistic, contemporary books more though. I also like zombies, superhero books, and books that involve musicals. I'm not big on fantasy, paranormal, or third person narrative, but I'm willing to give things a try.
  • No to self published books and e-books. (Can't handle e-books. My eyes are already bad enough.) No nonfiction/self-help either. Or really Christian/religion-y stuff. I also don't do comic books.
  • I DO NOT WANT ADULT BOOKS. I don't care if it has crossover appeal- I've had too many bad encounters with adult books with "teen appeal!"
  • I finish most of what I read (only book I can remember never finishing is Julie of the Wolves in fifth grade.) but I don't guarantee a review. I'll do my best though.
  • I will be ~honest.~ ~Honesty~ is good. So if I don't like the book, I will say so.
So if you want to send a book my way, email me. (: But be warned: I AM FREAKING SLOW. Like, don't send me a book and expect a review the next week. Give me a while.

- Interviewing: I got good responses to a few interviews I did in April, so I'm going to start doing more. I like interviews better if I've read the author's book or I can find a lot of info about the author and books online. I enjoy stalking author websites, looking for information to help me think of questions.

- Any other questions/comments/concerns: email me! Or comment. Either one. Doesn't matter.

- Email address:


  1. *gasp* You're only a high school freshman?? Wow. I feel old next to you. And a total noob. xD But that's awesome! And I think Khy is a really cool pseudonym. :)

  2. we love khy! =DD

    steph, if you feel old, i'm an ancient. ha!

  3. You forgot to mention you have awesome bangs!

  4. I like how your pseudo-name is based off a Neopet! That must have been an awesome pet :D

    You write extremely well for a HS freshman, if you don't mind me saying so! Which is awesome!

    And your blog name is NOT boring! Not every day that I see the word "frenetic" ;)

    I love musicals too! Did you see Kristen Chenoweth's biog A Little Bit Wicked? I think it just came out and I just ordered it! :D I love her!

  5. I nominated you for a blog award and have to tell ya! Here is the link to check it out! Congrats!

  6. Steph: You aren't old. And thanks. :D

    Cindy: And Khy loves you!

    Lenore: You aren't the first person to tell me that. I think I need to start cloning my bangs and selling them.

    Epic Rat: Thanks! :D I saw her book, but I haven't gotten it. I want to read it though.

    Amber: Thanks! :D

  7. Neopets! What kind was she anyway? I've always loved the Pteri! and the Lupes! and Zefaras!

  8. I am a musical fanatic too. Nothing better than a good song/dance number!

  9. I love musicals! I was just in Bye Bye Birdie....and my real name isn't Bookworm--it's Claire. And how cool we're only a year apart!

  10. I always enjoy finding out new things about someone!

  11. I just finished being a freshman, too! Yeah, I thought you were older than that.
    & I agree with Lenore: you DO have awesome hair!

    Musicals are purely amazing. I don't know how people don't like them. Yeah well the musicals don't like them either!

    Hahaha that's funny about getting the name from a neopet. used to be my addiction. :)

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