Sunday, May 17, 2009


How do you deal with reviewing a book that's already been reviewed countless times?

I have a review that needs to be finished of a great book that I really enjoyed, but practically everyone has reviewed it. I have nothing new to say, but I'm obligated to review it since it was sent to me.



  1. I don't think it matters if a lot of people have reviewed it, just say what YOU thought. Even if some of it has already been said, not everyone who will read your blog may have already read it :-D

  2. Ooh, that's a tough one. Even when I have read a review for the same book a million times, there is still value in reading more. Especially when the review comes from a credible person--like you!

    So I say write it, just as you would any other review.

  3. You're assuming that everyone has heard of this book and everyone has read the reviews. But there are people who just like to read your blog for news of books and want to know what YOU think of it. Even if all you have to say is that you think it's every bit as good as everyone else says.

  4. Just because you saw so many reviews doesn't mean that all your followers have seen them or even read them.

    Everyone's opinion is valuable. Do the review! :)

  5. I think you should go ahead and review it. I like reading reviews on books that are in my TBR pile or finding out new reads, but I also like seeing what other people got out of a book that I might have already read.


  6. Is it a new book? Since I've just gotten into the reading scene (after 6 horribly dull years of pharm school), I probably have not heard about it.

    But I agree with Anon - even if it's been reviewed everywhere, your review might be the one that someone will read and be convinced to give the book a shot.

    Maybe you should just give it a one word a really bright a really large font - I'm sure that has not been done before! :P

  7. Every reviewer brings something new to the table, and something you say may be the key element in getting someone else to read and love the book too. So go for it!

  8. I'm sure that your review will be different and not entirely the same as someone elses. You should write a review, I'd read it :)