Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Hugs.

Yan started this, because she is Yan and she is awesome.

Question she asked today:

How was your first experience meeting a blogger outside of the internet?

Well, the first blogger I met was Sharon, so you can just imagine how THAT went.

Kidding, kidding. Sharon is not that scary in person. Really.

I met Sharon when I went to NYC. We hung out at the Strand bookstore. Sharon takes her Strand master duties quite seriously. My mother and I were eating at a place down the street from the Strand, and I told Sharon she could come eat with us, but she was like "No! I am fine. I will protect the books."

So my mom and I ate, and then I practically ran up the street to the Strand, where I found Sharon and a cart full of ARCs in the Strand cart. I got some lovely books that day. :D



  1. Going to meet Sharon and lots of other bloggers very soon!

  2. That must have been a lot of fun! I really need to start working on my parents to take me to NYC.