Sunday, June 28, 2009

I like tapirs/Alea is good at spreading the tapir love.

This is a tapir:
Isn't he/she cute?

I'm sure you've heard of Alea of the awesome blog Pop Culture Junkie. But did you know she's obsessed with tapirs? SHE IS.

Did you know that's she good at spreading the love/obsession of tapirs around? SHE IS. You can tell that she is because I'm making this post.

Zong this baby tapir is too cute.

You can also tell that she's good at spreading the tapir love because the amazing, fabulous, wonderful, awesome Trish Doller wrote a STORY about tapirs. This story is the best ever. Seriously. Go read it and tell Trish how amazing it is.

That is all for today.


  1. What category of animal do tapirs fall under, exactly? Other than awesome, of course.

  2. The baby tapir! Seriously! Its' cuteness is KILLING me!

  3. Yayyyyyyyyy! My plan is working *cackles* soon EVERYONE will love tapirs! Have you seen any of Katie Alender's twit pic tapir drawings? Yeah I got to her too!

  4. The babies are just adorable!
    Then again, I love just about any animal...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  5. I love tapirs too! Although the last one I saw at the zoo did nothing but sleep all day.
    And aren't the babies the cutest!? :D

  6. All right, I'll admit that the baby tapir is cute, but it's the grown-up tapir I have problems with.

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, should have nostrils that big!

  7. Zong is cute I might have a new favourite animal and that is the tapir.