Sunday, August 2, 2009

Book Videos

I have another QUESTION.

What is your opinion of book videos? Whether they be trailers, or the author discussing their books.

Because I don't really watch any, unless someone tells me they're good or if I am excited about the book/like the author.

Or if I'm really bored.

I will admit that I have some favorite trailers.

I think this one really fits the book, even if I wasn't a huge fan of the book:

I like this one because it has pretty pictures (and, you know, good music and all that.):

I think trailers with good music (or at least music that fits the trailer ~mood~) are always a plus. And I like the above ones because they aren't too long- long trailers are blah.

But this one is one of my favorites because it's live action:

So, yeah. Book trailer/video ~opinions?~ Do you watch them? Do you like them? What are some I should watch?



  1. Live action is so hard to pull off so those that are good are usually in my faves.

    I am such a visual persona and considering i do photography and all I am very much drawn to trailers. But there is something to be said about music that fits the theme and awesome stills or video. Its always a win!

  2. I rarely watch trailers, unless I have a large interest in the book or people keep telling me to. I like watching vids of authors talking about the books, though.

    BTW, I <3 that After trailer!!

  3. I don't watch trailers. I don't want someone giving me visual representations of the characters or the story that I can imagine on my own.

  4. I don't really watch book trailers unless I hear of a really good one. I love the Bad Girls Don't Die one. Also, have you seen the trailer for Along For the Ride? It's kinda similar to the one for After and it's really good.

  5. I don't usually watch book trailers, but I love the Bad Girls Don't Die one. If I do watch a trailer I don't like the ones you have to read all the way through, because I could just read the back of the book. I like trailers that are short too.

  6. I rarely watch videos, period. I tend to surf the Internet with my speakers turned off so I don't wet my pants when I'm startled (loud music embedded on a website = big pet peeve). It has to be something pretty special to make me turn on the sound and watch a video.

  7. I only watch trailers when someone posts them saying they're good, like you've done. I really liked that After trailer, that book is in my Wish List.
    But there are some trailers that make me want to turn off the PC. They are that boring.

  8. I like trailers because they usually get my pumped up for the book!

  9. I only watch trailers if I want to read the book. Or if it shows up in my YouTube subscriptions.

  10. I don't really watch book trailers, unless I'm already excited about the book. The Bad Girls Don't Die trailer is nice!