Monday, September 28, 2009

CSN Bookcase review

So a while back I got an offer to review a bookcase from CSN Office Furniture. Finally, here is my review:

(from the CSN page):

Mylex- Five Shelf Bookcase in Oak

The Mylex Five-Shelf Bookcase is a great way to store your books, CDs, DVDs or other items without having to sacrifice style for function. Featuring a sleek oak finish, this bookcase has five shelves to accomodate your storage needs. Perfect for use in the home or office!


I really like this bookshelf. It fits a bunch of books, even though the shelves can't really handle the weight of many big hardcovers. My shelves with too many hardcovers on them are bending, but the ones with more paperbacks on them are fine. The shelves are easily adjustable but there's one shelf that can't be moved, which frustrates the OCD in me. I like my shelves have relatively the same amount of space between them, but I will accept that the one doesn't move and I will move on. But I do like how the shelves can be tall enough to fit even The Arrival, which none of my other shelves can do.

Assembly-wise, the shelf was pretty easy to assemble. My dad put it together while I was at school, so I wasn't there when it was put together but he said it was easy and it took less than an hour to complete. Everything was in tact when it arrived- no broken pieces or anything, which is super good.

One last thing: the bookcase kind of smells. Not that I going around smelling everything in my room, but it does have a scent to it. (I feel really weird saying that.)

A good bookcase overall, but I do wish the shelves could hold more weight. It's still holding up after all this time though, so whoo!

Pictures of the bookcase without any books in it:

With books, right after they were added to the shelves and before the shelves started bending:

I put a lot of my favorites on the shelves. :D


  1. That looks pretty swish! You were really lucky to get to review something cool! :D

    Plus nice book collection! :P

  2. I see Harry Potter down there at the bottom!

    I love bookshelves! Mostly because they give me a nice way to hold all of my books...

  3. I recently moved, and I have to say the hardest pieces of furniture to say goodbye to were my bookshelves. I didn't ever imagine that would be the case, but it was. Weird, but also symbolic of what I consider to be important...hmm... :)

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  5. Thank you for this review. I was really thinking about getting this one. Though it is very dissapointing that they don't hold the hardcovers very well, but thanks for that information, I will definately be taking that into consideration!!!