Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting to Know the Characters of FIRE Tour!

Today, I'm stop #10 on Kristin Cashore's blog tour for Fire (the prequel to the super popular book that I still haven't read because I am lame, Graceling). This blog tour is all about getting to know the characters of Fire, which will be out October 5. A description of the book (which I got from Alea, who got it from Amazon):

She is the last of her kind...

It is not a peaceful time in the Dells. In King City, the young King Nash is clinging to the throne, while rebel lords in the north and south build armies to unseat him. War is coming. And the mountains and forest are filled with spies and thieves. This is where Fire lives, a girl whose beauty is impossibly irresistible and who can control the minds of everyone around her.

Exquisitely romantic, this companion to the highly praised Graceling has an entirely new cast of characters, save for one person who plays a pivotal role in both books. You don't need to have read Graceling to love Fire. But if you haven't, you'll be dying to read it next.

And now, allow me to introduce Princess Hanna:

Princess Hanna. Now, she’s an interesting one—a little girl who’s never without her dog, the aptly-named Blotchy, and who never seems to go more than a couple days without getting into fisticuffs. (And winning.) Which of the royal siblings does she belong to, exactly?


Oooh, ~*mysterious.*~

Want to find out about more of the characters? Check our the list of blogs on the tour here.

You can also read a sampler of Fire here. I'd embed it but it's huge and would probably break my sidebar.

AAAAND you can enter to win a signed copy of Fire on this post!

  • To enter: leave a comment on this post telling me what color you would most like your eyes to be. Or design, pattern, whatever. Go nuts. (People tell me the main character in Graceling has different colored eyes, which is pretty fierce.)
  • +1 entry: blog/tweet about this contest and leave a link to where you talked about it in your comment. If you use twitter, use the hashtag #firetour in your tweet.
  • Sorry, but only open to the US.
  • Ends on October 2, so enterenterenter!


  1. Please enter me!
    I think I would go with a deep purple for my eyes.

    I blogged about it here:


  2. Great giveaway! Count me in.

    I would like my eyes to stay their color, which is green with a blue green circle around the outside, but add flecks of gold into them. I wouldn't want anything too dramatic.

    +1 Tweeted:


  3. I think I'd go with bright blue with flecks of gold for my eyes.

    bcanyon at hotmail dot com

  4. I think one gray eye and one green eye would be pretty fantastic.

    jillkt13 at yahoo dot com

  5. Please enter me! I'd like my eyes to actually stay the same. They're dark brown and I just couldn't see myself with a lighter color for eyes.


  6. I think I would go for sapphire color eyes. I love sapphires.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  7. Great contest. I would like my eyes to be green with gold speckles.


  8. Very interesting question! My eyes are a greyish blue; I would like them to be a Royal blue.

    +1 tweeted

    thebookvixen [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. I would love to have Yellow eyes!! Or probably golden color.. Katsa's eyes would be great too!

    +1 Tweeted (@SabriHorande) - I have no idea how to link a tweet but I did include #firetour! Sorry!
    +1 link on sidebar:


  10. Yeah, gotta go with red there. Please enter me!

    angiegirl (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Gold and glittery I think - like liquid sunshine. Though one silver and one gold would be cool too, though I'm not sure what I'd like my Grace to be...



  12. Please count me in! I would love to have violet eyes!

  13. Not entering, just wanted to assure you that you are not alone in not reading Graceling yet...

  14. I love my brown eyes, but have always wanted green ones... I would also love violet eyes... maybe with flecks of gold...

    I am super excited to read this book! I absolutely loved Graceling, and have been anticipating the release of Fire ever since. I have heard it's amazing! Wold love to get a signed copy! :)

  15. how about grey with green speckles?
    thanks for the contest.
    please enter me.
    devinredmond at hotmail dot com

  16. Please enter me!
    I would love for my eyes to change colors with like what I was feeling. That would be pretty cool.
    Here is where I blogged about this contest!
    Thanks so much

  17. Hm, I'd have to say piercing blue. Unoriginal, I know, but I love the color. (:

    +1 And tweeted here:

    Thanks for the awesome contest! I read and loved Graceling, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one, regardless of how I get my hands on it.

  18. I would like my eyes to be turquoise with a green outline and dark blue flecks.

    Posted link in sidebar

    Your definitely need to read Graceling it is Awesome!


  19. Please enter me! I'd love my eyes to be lavender

    I tweeted at

    jpetroroy (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. I actually already love my eye color, which is greenish blue-gray. But violet would be gorgeous!
    +1 I tweeted your giveaway at

  21. I actually already love my eye color, which is greenish blue-gray. But violet would be gorgeous!
    +1 I tweeted your giveaway at

  22. I actually already love my eye color, which is greenish blue-gray. But violet would be gorgeous!
    +1 I tweeted your giveaway at

  23. I already have green eyes. But if they were going to change I would want violet.

    Posted on sidebar here:

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  24. I like my eyes brown, but I'd go for a ring of gold around the iris that only shows up when it rains. That would be pretty freaking sweet. I'd love to be entered in the giveaway!


  25. Hmmm, how about amber-orange! I think that would be pretty sweet!


  26. I was surprised that Fire is a "companion" to Graceling with different characters. I wonder if Kristin Cashore is planning on writing a sequel.

  27. Hi Khy, thanks for being part of the tour and hosting me and Fire -- and hi to everyone writing in! I think it'd be fun to wake up every morning to different color eyes. It would make planning outfits for events difficult, but amusing....

  28. I would love my eyes to have ever changing colors. Ranging all across the rainbow.

    +1 tweeted:

  29. Black, it would totally freak people out.


  30. I think I would like grey eyes.

  31. I would absolutely love one violet eye and one deep blue - like the blue they always have on makeup products that's just stunning and I doubt anyone REALLY has that color eye? Ya that blue :D

    :) Erica

  32. Shawna Lewis

    I really want Green Green eyes with just a touch of diamonds in the middle!!(you know in the UK and over seas they are in-planting real stones into the eyes to add shine & pazzazz)Cool Huh!!!

  33. Shawna Lewis

    I tweeted

  34. I would stick with green. I have sometimes blue, sometimes green, but I think I'd like to have one brighter color. A nice sea green.


  35. one gray, one lavender with ivy vines curling around my pupils.

  36. Happy browned-eyed girl here. But I think it would be neat if they changed color or would show an image depending on the viewers position, kind of like a hologram.
    pvilletoygirl @ gmail dot com

    pvilletoygirl @ gmail dot com

  38. great giveaway!

    i have a soft spot for bright blue eyes. but it would be cool if my eyes changed colors for the mood i'm in or just because i want to change the color, you know :)


  39. I would love rainbow or indigo eyes!

    +1 Tweeted:

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  40. Enter me, please! I'd like my eyes to be a brighter shade of green.


  41. Violet eyes would be my choice if I could change!
    @librarylady23 is where I tweeted.


  42. I wish my eyes were orchid or teal~

  43. I wish my eyes could change color depending on my mood. Ooh or be golden, that would be awesome as well. Or Violet eyes.