Sunday, September 13, 2009

In My Mailbox (2)

Yes, ANOTHER IMM from me. Shocking, I know.

In My Mailbox was started by Kristi of The Story Siren, and inspired by Tapir Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.

All descriptions from amazon unless otherwise noted:

In the mail:

Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Micah will freely admit that she’s a compulsive liar, but that may be the one honest thing she’ll ever tell you. Over the years she’s duped her classmates, her teachers, and even her parents, and she’s always managed to stay one step ahead of her lies. That is, until her boyfriend dies under brutal circumstances and her dishonesty begins to catch up with her. But is it possible to tell the truth when lying comes as naturally as breathing? Taking readers deep into the psyche of a young woman who will say just about anything to convince them—and herself—that she’s finally come clean, Liar is a bone-chilling thriller that will have readers see-sawing between truths and lies right up to the end. Honestly.

---I've already read this one, but got the shiny finished copy in the mail this week. It's a pretty good book. Review coming a bit closer to the release date!

My Invented Life by Lauren Bjorkman

With Roz and Eva everything becomes a contest—who can snag the best role in the school play, have the cutest boyfriend, pull off the craziest prank. Still, they’re as close as sisters can be. Until Eva deletes Roz from her life like so much junk e-mail for no reason that Roz understands. Now Eva hangs out with the annoyingly petite cheerleaders, and Roz fantasizes about slipping bovine growth hormone into their Gatorade. Roz has a suspicion about Eva. In turn, Eva taunts Roz with a dare, which leads to an act of total insanity. Drama geeks clamor for attention, Shakespearean insults fly, and Roz steals the show in Lauren Bjorkman’s hilarious debut novel.

---Yay realistic fiction! Super excited to read this one.

The Line by Teri Hall

An invisible, uncrossable physical barrier encloses the Unified States. The Line is the part of the border that lopped off part of the country, dooming the inhabitants to an unknown fate when the enemy used a banned weapon. It’s said that bizarre creatures and superhumans live on the other side, in Away. Nobody except tough old Ms. Moore would ever live next to the Line.

Nobody but Rachel and her mother, who went to live there after Rachel’s dad died in the last war. It’s a safe, quiet life. Until Rachel finds a mysterious recorded message that can only have come from Away. The voice is asking for help.

Who sent the message? Why is her mother so protective? And to what lengths is Rachel willing to go in order to do what she thinks is right?

---Tenner book tenner book! I am INSANELY excited to start this one. I got this in the mail as part of 1 ARC Tours.

I also got Chapter One of Holly Black's upcoming book The White Cat from her at the Spiderwick event I went to the other day. (If anyone wants to see pictures from that event, let me know.) The chapter was AWESOME. Cannot wait for the rest of the book.


Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

Five teenagers from different parts of the country. Three girls. Two guys. Four straight. One gay. Some rich. Some poor. Some from great families. Some with no one at all. All living their lives as best they can, but all searching...for freedom, safety, community, family, love. What they don't expect, though, is all that can happen when those powerful little words "I love you" are said for all the wrong reasons.

Five moving stories remain separate at first, then interweave to tell a larger, powerful story -- a story about making choices, taking leaps of faith, falling down, and growing up. A story about kids figuring out what sex and love are all about, at all costs, while asking themselves, "Can I ever feel okay about myself?"

A brilliant achievement from New York Times best-selling author Ellen Hopkins -- who has been called "the bestselling living poet in the country" by -- Tricks is a book that turns you on and repels you at the same time. Just like so much of life.

---I'm reading this one now, and it's good so far. But it's by Ellen Hopkins, so of course it's good.

The Devouring by Simon Holt

[description from B&N]

When Reggie finds an old journal and reads about the Vours, supernatural creatures who feast on fear and attack on the eve of the winter solstice, she assumes they are just the musings of some lunatic author. But soon, they become a terrifying reality when she begins to suspect that her timid younger brother might be one of their victims.

Risking her life and her sanity, Reggie enters a living nightmare to save the people she loves. Can she devour own her fears before they devour her?

Bone-chilling, terrifying, thrilling...what are you waiting for?

---I've had the sequel to this one, so I bought it so I will be able to read the sequel. Sounds pretty creepy. Creepy is good.

Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabaley

Sometimes a good-bye is just the beginning…

When Emily Carson’s parents die in a plane crash, she’s left with nothing but her mother’s last words scrawled in lipstick on a tray table: “Emily, please forgive me.”

Now it’s fall and Emily moves to New York City— where she attracts the attention of two very different boys: the cute, popular Owen, and her quirky chemistry partner, Anthony. With the help of some surprising new friends, Emily must choose between the boy who helps her forget and the one who encourages her to remember, and ultimately heal.

Debut author Jennifer Jabaley has written a wonderful, feel-good romantic comedy with real emotional depth. Full of lovably wacky characters, Lipstick Apology is a heartwarming story about the true meaning of forgiveness.

---I've heard great things about this book, so I'm super excited to read it.

And remember how in my last In My Mailbox post I said I got a sekrit book? Well, that sekrit book was:

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

---IT IS AN AMAZING BOOK, OH MY GOSH. Seriously, I loved it. SO AMAZING.


  1. That's quite the collection! Happy reading - some of them look absolutely fabulous!

  2. *dies of eternal jealousy, forever and ever*

  3. My Invented Life sounds and looks a treat but Will Grayson, Will Grayson sounds faboo - and slightly Batman-esque, wasn't Will Grayson, Robin?

  4. LOL! Adele, Robin was DICK/RICHARD Grayson. Anyway, WOW! Will Grayson sounds super interesting! No wonder it was sekrit! LOL!

    Reggie :-)

  5. OMG, you got The Line! I'm dying of envy. Really. I can't wait to read My Invented Life either.

  6. OMG so jealous of a lot of these books. Can't wait to read your review of Liar. Will Grayson looks fantastic, and I've ordered Tricks with high expectations :-D

  7. Awesome books. :)

    Happy reading.

  8. your enthusiasm and excitement is contagious!!! SO glad you got to real LG :D I know ur sucha fan! :P

  9. I can't wait to read all these! Will Grayson looks amazing, love the cover. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

  10. WOW!! You had some awesome books this week. Will Grayson...ohh you lucky girl, me wants that book. I also have The Line and will devour it when I finish my current read.

    Enjoy your books :)

  11. Oooh yay! If there was anyone who should get Will Grayson so early before its release date, it should be you. :) I'm looking forward to reading Liar, My Invented Life, and The Line as well!

  12. Will Grayson Will Grayson? OMG that's so freaking awesome! I also love Liar and My Invented Life, they all look so cool :D

  13. Great books!! I got Tricks too.. So jealous about the line! Happy reading!

  14. I'm reading The Devouring right now, & it is creepy indeed! I'm really enjoying it & hope you do too :]

    -Andrea [Buried In Books]

  15. I'm reading The Devouring right now, & it is creepy indeed! I'm really enjoying it & hope you do too :]

    -Andrea [Buried In Books]

  16. I'm so glad you got Will Grayson, Will Grayson. (: And Lipstick Apology IS so good, I hope you like it!

  17. THE MFING LIFE!!!!ahhh!! *stab stab* ohoh I wanna see a pic of it. Take a pic!

    I'm waiting on My Invented Life. I hope you enjoy it.

  18. I really liked Tricks--not as much as some of her others books, but still ... I couldn't put it down.

    The girl on the cover of Lipstick Apology looks just like the girl from Dawson's Creek to me ... Michelle Williams, I think. It's eerie.

  19. OH! I'm so excited (not just a little jealous) of your getting The Line and Will Grayson, Will Grayson both are on my list of books to read when released. I hope you enjoy them. :)

  20. I'm so jealous of Liar and Will Grayson, Will Grayson! Happy reading!

  21. LIAR is all over the book blogs this week. And THE LINE looks amazing too.

  22. They have a bunch of copies of Will Grayson at the Frankfurt Book Fair and one of them has my name on it :)