Monday, June 21, 2010

"It's medicinal. Cramps."

Welcome to the Part 3 of the second edition of our so-called "Pretty Little Roundtable," in which Carol (Book Lover Carol), Alea (Pop Culture Junkie), and I discuss the new show Pretty Little Liars, based on the book series.

Spoilers for episode two, The Jenna Thing, are ahead! If you want to watch the episode it's on hulu and on the ABC Family website.

Part 1 can be found at the aforementioned Alea's blog, and Part 2 will be at Carol's.

Best/worst line(s):

Khyrinthia: I don't think there were any best lines this week. But there weren't any "do you mind if I smoke some weed?"s either!

Carol: I have crappy ones: "She's a teenage girl, Ella. Aren't they all moody and unpredictable?"
"She's everywhere." "New girl who just moved into dead girl's house."

Alea: Yeah, the new girl line was really awkward.

Carol: Oh "Still having trouble with that bursa sac....should I give it another rub?"


Carol: I know, right! So creepy!


Khyrinthia: I didn't really notice music this week!

Carol: Same here. (I normally don't listen to the music on episodes)

Alea: I of course really like the song from the Ezra/Aria rain scene. Supabeat by Sweet 17!
Since there was so dialogue that really had to set the mood and carry the scene.

Final Thoughts:

Khyrinthia: The guys are creepy since they just keep showing up (WILDEN). Not enough tension yet either. But I still like it!

Alea: The show is really starting to get going finally. I didn't think much happened in the first episode so I'm glad for that. Also, A needs to get creepier faster. And you could really start to see the differences from the book in this episode.

Carol: A is not creepy enough; the guys need to change; and the show is deviating from the books, but I still thought it was good.


Our thoughts on how the show and books differ are over at Carol's and thoughts on the best and worst scenes are over at Alea's! And if you watched the show, what did you think?


  1. Definitely gotta agree, I want more creepy A. Her creepiness makes the books rock, and the show needs that extra boost

  2. Aww I love these discussions! Haha the bursa sac whoa. I agree I think thought it was a good show. I'm ready for some more creepiness as well ;)

  3. I agree with everyone...A really needs to step up the creepiness. All the texting seems more annoying then scary at the moment. And Jenna is just weird and always there.

  4. I was kind of thrown by how stalkerish they made Wren and Ezra. In the books it always felt like Spencer and Aria were doing the chasing. It feels extra uncomfortable and not at all hot that they are chasing after underage girls.

    It also feels like they are arriving at all the GOTCHA moments kind of fast without any backstory or character development. Like, when the text messages come there's no emotional tie to them and some of the secrets, which felt big in the books, sound kind of silly in the show. I think there is a definite lack of tension and emotional connection.

  5. The song playing during the Ezra/Aria rain scene was actually "Fresh Pair Of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner, I think. The song at the end when Spencer saw Jenna was the Supabeat song.