Friday, June 25, 2010

Sea by Heidi R. Kling

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Haunted by recurring nightmares since her mother’s disappearance over the Indian ocean three years before, fifteen-year old California girl Sienna Jones reluctantly travels with her psychiatrist father’s volunteer team to six-months post-tsunami Indonesia where she meets the scarred and soulful orphaned boy, Deni, who is more like Sea than anyone she has ever met.

She knows they can’t be together, so why can’t she stay away from him? And what about her old best friend-turned-suddenly-hot Spider who may or may not be waiting for her back home? And why won’t her dad tell her the truth about her mother’s plane crash? The farther she gets from home, the closer she comes to finding answers.

And Sea’s real adventure begins.


I've been pretty unenthusiastic about quite a few of the books I've read this year, but Sea not one of those books. I liked it so much that I edited this video twice (I didn't save the first time- fail). I was terrified that Sea would disappoint me, but luckily, it didn't.

I'll get my few negatives out of the way first: I would have loved to see more of Sienna's work with the kids. The scenes where she interacted with the children were some of my favorites- they were sad but sweet and a nice break from the romance, even though I loved that aspect of the novel. I also don't see what the big deal about Spider is. Many of the other reviews I've read have made a point of mentioning how much they love him, but he's in the book for like 30 pages. Maybe I don't see the hype because surfer boys totally don't interest me, but I really don't see the appeal.

On to the happy lovey stuff: While I don't see the Spider appeal, I definitely see the Deni appeal. He's kind of totally awesome and sweet and ahh. Lovely. The romance between him and Sienna is completely believable, and I'm SO glad that it wasn't love at first sight (I'm over that plot element). Their relationship was sweet to begin with, but as it developed it became even more lovely to read about. I also liked that their time wasn't perfect- there were plenty of obstacles in their way that made their story all the more realistic.

Most of the other story elements were excellent as well- Sienna's back story and grief were written beautifully. I totally understood why she was so distraught over her mother and father's developing relationship with a new woman; seeing her try to overcome her issues gave the story much more depth- it's not just a fantastic romance.

And the ending? Broke my heart. That twist! I may have cried. Maybe.

I haven't written a mostly positive review in a while, and I think it shows, because this review is not my best (and I think the negative paragraph is almost as long as the positive parts). But all you need to know: IT'S SO GOOD!

Book details: Putnam/Hardcover/$17.99

Source: sent by publisher for review


  1. I keep waffling about this one. I've heard so many good things and I've seen so many interesting Etsy items inspired by the book but I'm just not sure...

  2. oh my gosh, tears? haha, gotta read this soon, all the bookstores near me dont have this :(

  3. Lol, I didn't mention Spider AT ALL in my review - that's how insignificant he was to me. I think he definitely represents something, but he wasn't in there enough for me to love him. Great review! :)

  4. Ugh, I want to read this so bad. This and your video make me want it more.