Friday, July 23, 2010


Who else has already watched A Very Potter Sequel? (If you haven't even watched A Very Potter Musical, what are you waiting for?)

I just finished watching and need to discuss with people! What did you think?

I thought it was not as awesome as AVPM, but I still really enjoyed it.

Random spoilerish thoughts:

  • LOVED the inclusion of Dean, Seamus, and especially Firenze. Lucius was the best though.
  • Lucius's dance moves! AMAZING.
  • Needs more Luna.
  • Toilet jokes are not funny to me.
  • This one felt so much longer than AVPM! Anyone else feel that way?
  • Although I definitely prefer Voldemort to Umbridge, "You Were Never My Lover" is my new jam. Umbridge was kind of awkward the rest of the time, though I may be biased since I loved Voldemort in the first one. The guy playing playing Umbridge sure can work a dress though.
  • Zefron > Sharkboy.
  • I love the Scarf of Sexual Preference. A lot.
  • The choreography in AVPS was much more epic than in AVPM. Love.
  • I've had "Harry Freakin' Potter" stuck in my head since I watched the scene where it is in. *dances*


  1. Sequel is slightly longer, but not by that much. It just has less songs and isn't as cohesive/funny as the first one. Still pretty great though.

  2. I live in the UK, it started at 1am over here, and I stayed up 'til 5am to watch it (had a sleepover/midnight feast with some friends). Soo worth it. Love Draco. So so much. Felt so bad for him when he was talking to Hermione:

    Hermione: I know I have the lowest self esteem of anyone in the school...but I think I can do better.
    Draco: Oh. Okay.
    And when he found out who his *real* dad was.
    Firenze: Less than three. Oh! A heart. <3
    It was long though. Act 1 finished at nearly four and we were like, "That's only the first act?" I missed Quirrellmort too. And I didn't like Rita Skeeter. Bring back Ginny! I thought it was hilarious when the Jacob poster became Pettigrew. And the whole Red Vines thing with Ron too. Also loved Umbridge's song, and the way she said, "Did you get mah teeeext? Well you did'nt text me bahhck." Another thing I absolutely loved was the Quidditch dance. It was AWESOME.
    I preferred AVPM (you just can't beat it) but I still loved AVPS too.

  3. *dances happily*

    Thanks so much for posting!!

  4. I got to Act 1, Part 8...the Scarf of Sexual Preference is amazing, and DRACODRACODRACO.

    "If I catch you with a boy in here, I'll rip those perky little stubs right off your chests!"


    I, too, have had Harry Freakin' Potter stuck in mah head forever.

    Although I love the little bleep-outs. I was watching it with my eleven year-old sister. Ahem.

  5. You have no idea how much I love you! I loved AVPM and forgot when the sequel was going to be released. I'm going to go and watch the sequel :D

  6. I've watched it now and I loved it. I loved:
    Draco's father
    Hermione can't draw
    Lupin being in his underpants all day
    Umbridge (mama)
    Draco's drawings
    Quidditch dance
    "It must be stuck on there by magic"
    Draco <3
    Thanks for this post!