Saturday, October 23, 2010

so this one time

I met Hilary Duff! She had a signing for her recently released novel Elixir nearby me this past week so I went.

I think most of us are well aware that Hilary did not write this book entirely herself, and there is a good chance it probably is not that good. But do I care? NO. Because she is Hilary Duff and she played LIZZIE MCGUIRE on the best Disney show EVER. Plus, I listened to her CD and alarmingly large number of times as a child, but we won't go into that. My eight year old self would have never forgiven me if I didn't go to this signing.

ANYWAY. Here is the signing story plus some (very bad) pictures.

I got to the bookstore a few hours before the signing to buy the book and get a wristband, but even though I was there early, I got a wristband letter G. This would later mean that I would have to wait in line for FOREVER.

After my father and I got dinner, we went back to the bookstore and I stalked the YA section because that is what I do. A girl came up to me and was like "were you at the Smart Chicks tour event?" and I was like "YES" and we chatted for a minute and then she had to leave and go do something in some other area and then I kind of hid because I am a socially awkward individual. I do not know why I told you this story but felt it was necessary to share.

The signing was supposed to start at 7 but Hilary didn't make it out until like 7:20, and then there was a crazy ten minute paparazzi photo explosion. I don't know how she didn't go blind, because I was far away and the never ending flashes of light still hurt my eyes.

The bright light in the background = the camera flashes. I don't know what I was thinking when I attempted to get a picture of that moment because it obviously didn't work.

Because I was so far back in the line, I had to wait a while. I tried doing homework but that was lame, so I started reading Elixir. I think that when I read the whole thing I am going to play "Count the Cliches" because I already found like five in the first chapter.

Hilary signing some stranger's book.

Hilary looking and smiling at...something.

Random picture!

I'll skip the boring part of the story: me standing in line and looking at all the weird bargain books. When I got to go up and get my book signed, I was basically like "so awesome to meet you I can't wait to read the book! And see your trailer! I know the girl who's making it and she's been posting teasers and they look awesome." (Because I do know the girl who is making the book trailer-- it is VANIA of VLC Photo! I am basically a Vania pimp and did not know what else to say to Hilary so I figured discussing Vania's awesomeness was a good idea.) She was like "oh that's so cool, I've seen the rough cut of the trailer and it looks really good!" And I got a (bad) PICTURE with her (squee!):

I hate tables and how awkward they make photos. But who cares? I got a photo with Hilary! Whee!

SUMMARY: I met Hilary Duff, she was super cool and nice. Though she did seem a bit alarmed when people brought her GIANT GIFTS. One guy brought her a huge poster of something and she was a bit O_O (At least, this is what I OBSERVED from afar.) But still, she and the signing were awesomeness.



    Also: best DISNEY show ever? Um, try ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER, PERIOD, I LOVE IT.

    And I still listen to her first CD on occasion. #epiclove

  2. SO JEALOUS! My present 28 year old self wouldn't have forgiven me if I had had the opportunity to go and didn't, so I totally understand. :-)
    Wasn't Lizzie McGuire wonderful?!? I also loved her CD.
    Anyhow, AWESOME!

  3. I really wanted to go to her signing at Anderson's! I've been a Hillary fan since Lizzie McGuire too! (and i loved her music!)

    i'm so glad that you got to meet her! how exciting! you'll have to let me know if Elixir is any good.

  4. I've read quite a few reviews that said that this book was actually kind of good!
    Also, I have to say Lizzie McGuire was always my friends' favourite show but I always preferred Even Stevens (with Shia Leboeuf).

  5. I loved Lizzie Maguire and just TRY to get So Yesterday out of your head! That sounds fantastic, thanks for sharing.

  6. Will totally admit, my love for Lizzie Maguire might have had me going to that signing. Now, my love for her cutie husband would really get me going there. Glad it went well though!

  7. I know what you mean with the Lizzie Maguire part, I loved it when I was younger.
    Sounds fantastic meeting her (minus the FLASHY FLASHY lights of course), thanks for sharing ;D

  8. I was just reading your IMM post and say that you went to a Hilary Duff signing and I was like "oh, it'd be cool to read about that" then i scroll down a little further and there is just what I wanted, ha ha!

    I was a fan of The Lizzie McGuire Show as well but I never really got into her music as much as you seem to. I can't wait to read Elixir even if it isn't entirely written by her, I'm sure it'll be okay apart from the cliches you mentioned.

  9. Lucky!

    I LOVE Hilary Duff! I can't wait to read Elixir! I hope they do a signing near my area.

  10. OMG SO JEALOUS YOU GOT TO MEET HILARY!!!! I LOVED Lizzie McGuire, and I love her music (not so much the first CD, though I like the singles from that album) and movies. She's just an awesome person.

    Elixir is in my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to it!