Friday, August 5, 2011

Blowout by Taylor Morris (+ Giveaway!)

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Now that she's had her thirteenth birthday, Mickey's finally old enough to work at her mother's super glam hair salon-- Hello, Gorgeous! And true to the old cliche about people confiding in their hair stylists, Mickey starts getting an earful right off the bat. Customers love talking to her because she's so empathetic, but what happens when she starts getting overly involved in their dramas?


I don't often read middle grade fiction, but when I was offered this book for review, I couldn't resist. Taylor Morris's previous novel was one of the first review copies I received all the way back in 2008, and since I enjoyed it immensely, I figured I would also very much enjoy this book. And I did! 

I never really find any middle grade novels I do manage to read particularly amazing, but they are always way more addicting and fun than any YA novels I read; Blowout certainly fits that unofficial rule. Although it was a bit easy to figure out how things would work out in the end, I had difficulty putting the book down not only because of how light and fast a read it is, but also because the route to the end was never totally clear. Her new job leads Mickey into so many awkward situations and shenanigans both in the salon and out, and because there were so many issues, it was always a delight to find out how they would change things. An added bonus to following Mickey on this journey is that she is such a great narrator. She is endearing and funny without trying to be, mostly because of how easy to relate to she is. Most of the problems she has come from her taking salon knowledge and using it as an attempt to fit in, which is totally understandable. Even when her knowledge leads to new and seemingly great friendships, there were still so many familiar feelings and problems she had to go through-- trying to keep her new friends, maintaining her constantly changing old friendships, and trying not to make a fool or herself. Basically, she's a total thirteen year old, but one who gets to hang out in a much more vibrant setting than any people I knew when I was thirteen.

Though its probably better enjoyed by its target audience, I still found Blowout to be a wonderfully fun and adorable read, largely due to its easy-to-relate-to protagonist and fabulous setting.

Book details: Grosset and Dunlap/Paperback/$6.99

Source: sent by author for review

I also have an extra (signed!) copy to giveaway, if you are so inclined! All the details you (should) need are on the form.


  1. I need to read this one yet - It's on my list to start in the next few days. I read Foiled by her already, and it was super cute so I can't wait to read this one! :)

  2. I loved this book and really need to get books 2 and 3. Taylor's such a good author. Great review!!