Sunday, April 29, 2012

All the Books!

The awesome Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes created a delightful post yesterday entitled "All the Books," in which she wrote about things she's reading now, about to read, book events she's attended recently, and all that other book-related jazz. Because Jordyn creations always make for fun posts, and because the title reminds me of the "ALL THE THINGS!" meme, I wanted to play along this week.

Books I'm reading:

Very similar reads, I know. The Sound and the Fury is for English class, and although it's often a pain to follow, I quite like it since crazy families make for the best stories. I'm also about to start Graceling. Yes, finally. I know I'm behind in reading it, but better late than never, right? I think I'll start in on Fire and Bitterblue right after if I enjoy it.

On the screen:

Not YA related, but I just have to say that I hope The Raven isn't as dreadful as it looks, because otherwise I'm hoping that Edgar Allan Poe is planning revenge from his grave. He could come up with something awesome, at least.

And since I'm already slightly off-topic, I might as well veer off even more and say that I need more YA sci-fi in my life since Attack the Block is the best teen-starring movie I have seen in a long while.

And a song: 

Since I already talked about movies, I might as well venture into my other favorite topic: music. I'll keep it book related though and share a song that reminds me of a book.

I'm not what I was last summer
Not who I was in the spring
Tell me, tell me, tell me when will we learn
We love it and we leave it and we watch it burn
Damn these wild young hearts
"Wild Young Hearts" by Noisettes is totally Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It's also an awesome.

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