Sunday, May 6, 2012

All the Books

I'm playing the "All the Books" game, hosted by the awesome Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes, again this week because it's fun and I like it.

Books I'm reading:

 I loved Graceling so I couldn't resist beginning this companion book straightaway. It's a bit slow at the moment, but I do love the heroine. What I don't love is that I only just now discovered there's a face on the cover, and it kind of terrified me.

New covers: 

The cover for Every Day by my favorite, David Levithan, was revealed this week and I'm not sure how I like it. To me, it looks very religious and the person in the bottom corner resembles a fish. However, it definitely has an otherworldly quality, which is cool.

Books I received this week:

The premise of When You Were Mine is pretty sweet (a Romeo and Juliet retelling as told by Rosaline) but UGH THIS COVER. Make-out covers are the worst.

And a song:

Just because I always have a new song I must evangelize.


  1. Glad to hear you went straight to FIRE instead of Bitterblue! Bitterblue was awesome so don't hesitate to read it next!

  2. When You Were Mine!!!! I so want that one to magically appear at my mailbox.

    Also I love the cover for Every Day, even though the book itself doesn't appeal to me much.

  3. The cover for Every Day is so weird, in a good way! Really want to read that one. And I just read When You Were Mine and loved it! But you're right, the cover is terrible - that's why I got the UK edition :p

  4. I need to re-read Graceling. I like the first book in a series, but I take too long to get back around to it and I forgot the whole storyline.

    Also, I agree - make-out covers is the worst.

    New follower! And here's my All the Books post: