Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Characters I'd Swap With

Inspired by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner's fun post today, five characters I'd like to switch places with for a day:

1. Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore - Maybe it's because I'm still high on my love for Graceling one week later, but Katsa is the first one to come to mind for this topic. It would definitely be fun to have her Grace.

2. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - An obvious pick, but necessary because, really, how could I not want to swap with Anna? The fact that she lives in Paris is reason enough, but she's also super cool and has St. Clair.

3. Ruby from The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart - It actually would kind of suck to switch with Ruby because that girl is always caught in terribly awkward or sad situations, but I'd still swap with her so that I could be that witty and funny for a day.

4. Hermione from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling - Duh.

5. Scarlett from Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson - Because living in a hotel would be awesome.


  1. Those are good ones to switch places with :) To be Anna and Hermione would be fun.

  2. I love me some Katsa and Hermione! I think I'd like my situations to be a little less dangerous, though...

  3. I've read them (and agree with them) all, except for Suite Scarlett, which I've not read. I really think the Ruby Oliver books need more recognition!