Sunday, June 24, 2012

All the Books

Hosted by Cool Kid Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes.

Books I'm reading:

In my quest to eradicate my review pile, I've gone through and noted when certain books have sequels or paperback releases coming up, and the next Soul Screamers book comes out soon, so My Soul to Save is finally being read. I'm also about to read Every Day by my favorite, David Levithan, because I received a copy at ALA and cannot resist.

Speaking of ALA:

Olsen Twins posing with Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds)

Me and the aforementioned David Levithan

Good times, good books, good quotes with Zoe and Jordyn. "I really like books with grocery stores in them."

And a song:

The new Hot Chip album is perfection.

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  1. Khyyyyyy. ALA was awesome and I need to visit NY in the fall so we can hang out!