About Me

Latest update: November 18, 2013. 

- Khy isn't my real name, but you're supposed to call me that. (Or my real name, if you know it. I really don't care either way.) No need for the "Hi Khy, I know that's not your real name." emails.

- I use a pseudonym because I like it. And because I made this blog when I was 13, and every Internet lesson told me never to give out my real name.

- People also wonder where the I came up with Khy/Khyrinthia. It was the name of one of my neopets. Come at me.

- After keeping up my blog through four long years of high school, I am now a member of New York University's Class of 2016. I spend most of my time doing various college and New York City things, so I'm not around the blog as much. Catch me on twitter (@khyrinthia) if you need me. 

- The current plan is an art history/history double major and a minor in English if I have time. 

- The other current plan is to work in a museum after I graduate. Yep, not publishing. Surprising considering all the work I've done here, but I think I'll be just as happy working in a museum. And I'll be around plenty of book events, so you'll still see me. 

- I used to say I only enjoy writing reviews and other various blog posts, but I joined NYU's slam poetry club and fell in love. I still don't write my own stuff very much, since I'm never satisfied with what I come up with (so you won't hear me slamming any time soon), but the club meetings are one of the highlights of my week. 

- I'm pretty sure I enjoy musicals more than the average person should.

- I complain a lot, as you may have noticed from any of my discussion posts.
- I kind of fail at coming up with creative things. Example: my blog name.

- I actually despise my blog name but it's a little too late to change it now, so I'm sticking with it. Plus, I'd feel odd about changing it now after I've had it so long.

- I am a big fan of lists.

- In another world I would be blogging about film and TV. My favorite shows are Boy Meets World, Arrested Development, and Pushing Daisies, but nothing will ever beat my love for Friday Night Lights. My favorite movies include Harold and Maude, Addams Family Values, Heathers, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the original The Producers, and The Royal Tenenbaums. Also, The Outsiders will always have a special place in my heart.

- In another another world, I would be blogging about music. I never do anything (except read, sometimes) in silence, and I'm always up for giving and receiving music recommendations, so please send them my way. I have different favorite artists at any given moment, but usually says Foals is my favorite band. I could list other favorites forever, but to just give you a sampling: Arctic Monkeys, Spector, Los Campesinos!, Mystery Jets, We  Are Scientists, Paloma Faith, The Drums, etc. 

- I think I've talked about myself too much.