"InFrequently Asked Questions" - questions that no one has really asked, but I thought it best to answer them here anyway, just in case.

1. What is up with your blog name?

I came up with it when I was 13. Give me a break. I can't very well change it now since it's been published in actual books, so I've reached a point of accepting it, even though I hate it.

2. Seriously, why don't you use your real name? 

Again, I made this blog when I was 13. Up until then, every lesson I had been taught about the internet had been "never give out your real name." I thought I was supposed to have a fake name. I've thought about getting rid of it, but that's what everyone knows me by. Even the people who know me from my blog and know my real name call me "Khy." It's stuck, and I don't hate it as much as my blog name.

3. Why don't you tell people you know in real life about your blog?

This is a bit of a complex question. Mainly, because I'm worried what people will think. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. If people I know in real life read my blog, and I knew about it, I would feel obligated to act and write in a certain way, a way that matches how I act in person. I'm also paranoid people would make fun of me for the name or the pseudonym or comment about it or ask me about it and just-- no. I can't deal with that, which is why not even my best friends know. I'm sure there are friends who wouldn't make fun of me for it, but still, the idea of them reading it is just unbearably weird and uncomfortable. I know I'm a terrible person for hiding it.

4. Why haven't you answered my email? 

Ha, I'm pretty much the worst email correspondent ever.

If you're an author wondering why, it's probably because you didn't read my review policy, and I say in numerous places on my blog that if you don't read it, I won't respond to your email.

If you're a fellow blogger, sorry! I'm trying! I just get caught up in school and whatnot and it takes me a while to reply.